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TRIO Upward Bound hosted at Montana Tech (TRIO MTUB) began in 1993 and is funded by the U.S. Department of Education to serve Anaconda, Butte and Helena. TRIO MTUB has 69 scholars who meet weekly with a staff member. Freshmen and Sophomores focus is creating a cohort (or team) with the common goal of college success. This team builds skills to be competitive within their current coursework and merit based scholarships in the future. Juniors focus on coursework that will prepare them for success in their education beyond high school, begin to complete scholarships and college application essays. Seniors focus on dual credit courses, college applications, financial aid, housing and employment options.


Anaconda, Butte and Helena students accepted to participate in TRIO MTUB are called scholars. Scholars are expected to attend school regularly and achieve within the academic setting, participate in serving the community in which they live, and gain a work ethic that ensures success beyond high school. TRIO MTUB staff are expected to meet weekly with scholars, working with them as individuals to be successful and as a team to be motivated to do what it takes to be ready for college success. Scholars’ families are expected to ensure scholars prioritize time for TRIO MTUB and activities and have the resources they need to be successful in high school. High schools are expected to provide TRIO MTUB staff with the resources needed to assist in scholars’ success. Montana Tech provides office space, technology, and utilization of the residence halls and food service for TRIO MTUB scholars’ Summer Academy.   


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RuthAnne Shope
Work: (406) 496-4693
Cell: (406) 491-1254

Brandon McLean (Anaconda schools) 
TRIO Coordinator
Cell: (406) 491-3023

Cory Chenoweth (Helena schools) 
TRIO Coordinator
Cell: (406) 459-6075

Montana Tech
Health Science Building 203
1300 West Park
Butte, MT 59701
Fax: (406) 496-4696