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Academic Probation

Academic Probation

Action Plan for Academic Success


Deep Breathing Exercises

Coping With Exams and Exam Anxiety

Getting the Sleep You Need

Stress Fact Sheet

Stress Management

Stress-Busters: What Works

Stress Quiz

Choosing a Major and Career

4-Year Plan

Acknowledge Your Abilities

Develop Relationships

Explore Your Values

Great Web-sites for Undecided Students

Ideal Approcach to Your Career

Identify Your Interests

Is Graduate School Right For You?

Experience & Experiment

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking


Goal Setting and Motivation

Goal Setting

Goal Setting Characteristics


Setting Goals for the Grades You Want

Tips for Improving Your GPA

How to Calculate Your GPA

Listening and Concentration


Concentration: Some Basic Guidelines

Learning by Listening

Listening Habits

10 Ways You Can Help Your Memory

Tips to Improve Listening and Note Taking

Math Strategies

The RQWQCQ Strategy for Solving Math

Note Taking

Cornell Note Taking

General Note Taking Strategies

Know Your Textbook

Note Taking

3 R's for Academic Survival (SQ3R Method)

Taking Lecture Notes


6 Reading Myths

General Reading Strategies

The Pivotal Words

Reading Comprehension

Using Your Textbook

Reading Environment

Student Tips

Honor Roll

Class Participation

5 Keys to Earning Good Grades

Get Involved


Reflection and Self-Assessment

Student Tips

Student-Professor Relationship

Study Skills Checklist

10 Tips You Need to Survive College

The Transition to College

Study Groups

Study Group Method Expands Learning

Time Management

6 Reasons That People Procrastinate

Long Term Planner

Academic Planning Calendar

Is Procrastination a Problem

My Time Wasters

Making a Schedule Based On Your Needs

How Well Do You Plan?

What is Procrastination?

Time Budgeting

Time Management Tips

Time Savers That Can Make Your Schedule Work

Weekly Schedule


10 Rules To Better Sleep

Alcohol and Academics

Alcohol, Sleep and Learning

Attitude is Everything

 Health vs. Unhealthy Relationships