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Competition Guidelines & Helpful Tips

Research Paper and Judging Process

Students are encouraged to prepare a paper depicting original research projects including fieldwork and/or experimentation in science-related areas. Papers will be evaluated by a judging committee who will evaluate: the quality of the research and experimentation, evidence of the student's understanding of the topic, and originality in the choice of and investigation of the topic. Please note that papers must acknowledge major assistance from teachers, mentors, parents or other students. Examples of areas of assistance which should be acknowledged include: selecting the topic of research, planning and/or guiding the course of the research, gathering data and construction of any apparatus.

Eighteen (18) students will be selected to present their work in a competitive oral symposium before a panel of qualified judges, and up to 42 others will be invited to present their work in a non-competitive poster session. Teachers will be notified of selected students by February 9, 2018.

Preparing for the IJSHS

IJSHS General Information & Guidelines (includes research paper guideline and tips for the IJSHS)

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Judges Scoring Sheet - oral presentations

Paper Tips

Sample Student Paper

How to Write a Research Paper

Generic Format and Guidelines for Research Papers from Montana Tech

Oral Presentation Tips

Tips for Oral Presentations

Presentation Tips from the Illinois JSHS

National JSHS

National JSHS Student Guidelines